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System Plast is a global leader in high quality plastic conveyor chains, modular plastic belts, and industry-leading conveying components. They also have manufacturing and service centers located strategically around the world.

System Plast is focused with a drive towards assisting customers achieve sustainability while lowering their total cost of ownership. They do this through continuous improvement activities. System Plastâ„¢ has a culture of innovation. DHI continues support for this with strong technical capabilities and resources. This has been accomplished by providing conveying components solutions for diverse material handling applications.

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Tyrolon is an innovative and reliable partner in the bottling industry, geared towards optimising new and existing installations with a view to boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

Tyrolon's portfolio comprises components and alternative spare parts for the bottling process from all leading manufacturers, such as Krones, KHS, Simonazzi, O+H, SEN, Kettner or H&K.

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Kansai Wire Netting Co., Ltd. is the premier Asian leader in the manufacture of industrial wire mesh products and proudly supplies its products and service to the global market place.

Kansai manufactures and sells Woven Wire Cloth, Wire Conveyor Belt and System, Metal Filter Element of Woven Wire Cloth, Sintered Wire Mesh and Sintered Metal Fiber, Knitted Wire Mesh, Wire Mesh for Vibrating Screen, Test Sieve, Wire Mesh Demister, Perforated Metal Screen, and all other kinds of wire cloth.

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The Arntz OPTIBELT Group is considered one of the leading manufacturers of high performance drive belts.

OPTIBELT products are used where durability and quality are required without making any compromises: in machine engineering, in the automotive branch, in the agricultural engineering sector and household appliance industry.

High performance belts by OPTIBELT hold up to extreme conditions. Large machinery for construction, stone crushers, cement mixers, coal-fired power plants: Everywhere where dust, heat, cold, aggressive chemicals or enormous rotation speeds put the material to a difficult test, OPTIBELT displays its strengths.

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A pioneer in the development of air-knives and widely regarded as an expert in air flow systems and solutions, Paxton has refined today's air-knife designs for "precision-drying," coating control, removal of dust and other unwanted materials, as well as air curtains and other drying applications.

With over 50 years of industry expertise, Paxton Products is now the preferred solution for drying and blow-off applications around the world.

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DHI is able to work with its customers' specific requirements. Whatever your current system requires, our technical engineers will work with you to find the right solution.

DHI is able to supply and install other systems aside from the more well-known brands.

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