High-tech Filtration, Separation and Purification

Other Filtration

Stem Cell Production

  • Stem Cells (Adipose Derived, Bone Marrow, Hepatic Progenitor), Cardiac Lineage Committed Cells
  • Case Study: Transfer of hepatic progenitor process from flatware to the Xpansion® multiplate bioreactor in 8 months
  • Case Study: Transfer of adherent stem cell processes from flatware to microcarrier-based culture in stirred tank bioreactors

Protein Production

  • Optimization and scale-up of CHO and baculovirus expression systems
  • Multiple suspended and adherent cell lines supported
  • Case Study: A QbD approach for the implementation of a PadReactor® single-use bioreactor

Viral Vaccine and Viral Vector Production

  • Supporting both human and animal health
  • Viruses (flu, polio, rabies, herpes, BHV etc.) and viral vectors (adenovirus, AAV, etc)
  • A549, HEK293, MDBK, Vero, MDCK, MRC5, BHK21, CEF, SF9 cells, etc
  • Case Study: linear scalability of virus production in iCELLis® fixed bed bioreactor in less than nine months
  • Case Study: Microcarrier-based Dengue virus expression in Animal component-free media
  • Microcarrier-based influenza production
  • Whole-cell, microcarrier-based production of Marek’s vaccine