High-tech Filtration, Separation and Purification

Pall Corporation is a global leader in high-tech filtration, separation, and purification, serving the diverse needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life sciences and industry. Pall Life Science is a global leader in filtration and separation technologies for the life science industry, including: Biopharmaceutical, Laboratory, Medical, OEM materials and devices proving products and technologies for biopharmaceuticalmanufacturing. Pall ‘s unique capability comes from a strong blend of biopharmaceutical expertise, customer support and leading technologies, including: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Biotechnology, Formulation and Filling, Pharmaceutical Quality Control, Plasma Fractionation, Vaccines, Chromatography, sterile filtration, Mycoplasma Control, and many more.

Pall Total Contaminat Control technologies are available to address a wide range of potential contaminants, including:

  • Organisms: bacteria, mycoplasma, viruses
  • Raw material contaminants: endotoxin
  • Process-generated itermediates or metabolic by-products: host cell, protein, host cell DNA
  • Particulates and cellular debris
  • Process components: reduction/removal of water, salts

Laboratory Applications

Vent Filtration

For the safety of the workers and your equipment, always use a vent filter. These devices act as barriers on air lines. They contain hydrophobic media, which prevent the entry of water and aerosols into sensitive equipment and also protect the lab environment from aerosolized pathogens. Vent filters can also enable air to enter and exit vessels such as bioreactors, while maintaining the sterility of the interior environment.

Analytical QC

Critical decisions are often based on the results of your analytical testing. Confidence in those results comes from using products that are proven to perform as expected, even with samples as small as 25 µL. Over thirty years ago, Pall Laboratory revolutionized sample preparation for analytical chemists with the development of the Acrodisc® syringe filter. Today we produce high-quality filters for sample preparation and dissolution testing that meet the unique requirements of every lab we serve.

Micro QC

The accurate, reliable detection and identification of microorganisms is critical to public safety and industrial economics. As we become more aware of the presence and variety of the organisms that share the world we live in, we realize the importance of knowing how to detect and control them.

Pall is a leader in the development and manufacture of products to detect and control these microorganisms. Our products comply with international testing methods, are supported by technical literature, and carry certifications of quality. You can be confident that our affordable, easy-to-use products will meet the high quality standards you require.