High-tech Filtration, Separation and Purification

Pall Corporation is a global leader in high-tech filtration, separation, and purification, serving the diverse needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life sciences and industry. Pall offers advanced medical technologies, which are often a patient’s last line of defense from dangerous pathogens. Pall’s food and beverage products provide critical protection from contaminants during various manufacturing steps. Pall products are key to the reliability of industrial equipment. Pall’s engineered solutions help municipal and industrial customers address mounting water quality, scarcity and demand issues, and help energy companies maximize production and develop commercially successful next generation fuels.

Applications On Other Industries

Machineries and Equipment Filtration

For industrial manufacturing processes and mobile equipment, maintaining a specified level of fluid cleanliness is critical to the operation and reliability of the systems involved.

We can help you achieve the process improvements and cost savings you desire with our unique capability to take responsibility for the cleanliness "inside the machine", from sub-component initial time in the time when the machine is returned from service.


Fuels and Chemicals Filtration

We offer real solutions for real production challenges. Our products and services enable you to meet regulatory requirements and increase output while reducing your total cost of ownership. Around the world, our customers in oil and gas production, oil refining, gas processing, chemical production, and polymer processing choose Pall for their filtration, separation, and purification solutions. We supply a wide range of media, filters and systems to remove contaminants from liquids and gases. These products, along with our filtration and separation technologies, enable us to fulfill diverse fluid purification requirements.


Microelectronics Filtration

Pall provides filtration, purification and separations solutions for a broad range of fluids and industries including, semiconductor, display, data storage and photovoltaics.