About Us

DHI is Vietnam's leading solutions provider of industrial engineering equipments, accessories and spare parts.

Delta Hardware & Industry Co., Ltd is a Vietnam-based industrial solutions provider primarily engaged in the distribution and installation of engineering solutions and equipment as well as spare parts for the following industries: food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & chemicals, pulp & paper, rubber & plastics, oil refining & processing, fine chemicals, boilers, textiles & fibers, sugar, cement, and many more. 

Specifically, DHI supplies and install quality engineering equipment and spare parts such as the following:

  • Pumps, air blowers, and conveyor system & spare parts/accessories
  • Power transmission and high-quality machine parts
  • Conveyor lubricants and cleaning chemicals
  • Filtration systems
  • Steam system such as boiler controls, flowmeters, pipeline ancillaries, control systems, and steam traps
  • Other mechanical parts & accessories such as belts, rollers, filter bags,

At its core, DHI has a full team of qualified and expert engineers that offer solutions customized to the requirements of its customers. With over 22 years of experience in the distribution of these products and related solutions, DHIis the trusted distributor/partner of high-quality and trusted engineering equipment brands such as System Plast, Pall, Paxton, Gestra, Tyrolon, Kalinisan, Verder, Kansai, Optibelt, and Thaipolymer, among others, for the Vietnam-based and foreign markets.

Presence in Vietnam

It is DHI's vision to be the leader in providing industrial engineering solutions in Vietnam. We are expanding our reach in order to capture the chunk of the market share. 

Presently, DHI has three strategic locations in Vietnam – Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh, with its head office based at Ho Chi Minh. These locations allow DHI to efficiently and effectively service its customers. More importantly, it gives DHI an excellent opportunity to become a major player in the domestic market. 


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