Pumps, Air Blowers, And Automation Equipment

Air Blowers and Drying Systems

Paxton Centrifugal Blowers

Paxton Centrifugal Blowers offer highly efficient solutions for drying, blow off, air rinsing, process air and vacuum applications, replacing compressed air blow off, as well as other, less efficient blowers such as squirrel cage or regenerative blowers. When coupled with a properly designed air delivery device, centrifugal air blowers provide superior blow off, drying or air rinsing, to improve product quality, while reducing energy usage by 50 – 80%. Because of these energy savings, the return on investment (ROI) for a Paxton centrifugal blower is often times about one year. Available in sizes from 3 hp up to 20 hp, Paxton offers three series of belt-driven centrifugal blowers.


Paxton Air Delivery Devices

The Paxton air delivery devices provides complete drying solutions for various applications that offer maximum efficiency and high-velocity drying system.


Paxton Ionized Air System

The Ionized Air Systems efficiently removes particulates, dust and contaminants using powerful ionization coupled with Paxton’s industry-leading centrifugal blowers and air delivery systems. Ionizing air systems provide static control and elimination, so that dirt and dust do not adhere to surfaces. Paxton’s patent pending design increases performance while reducing maintenance, and if eliminating compressed air systems, reduces energy usage by as much as 80%.


PowerDry™ Dryer Systems

Originally designed for date coding applications, the PowerDry™ System sets the standard for a complete drying & blow off Air System that can be used for drying and blow off for a wide variety of cans, bottles and jars.



Enclosures provide water, air and sound containment in your drying process. These enclosures keep the water contained inside the enclosure, then drained, eliminating mess on your factory floor – and eliminating any safety issues due to wet, slippery floors.