Conveyor Systems And High-Quality Machine Parts

Wire Conveyor Belt, Woven Wire cloth, Wire Mesh

Kansai Wire Netting Co., Ltd. is the premier Asian leader in the manufacture of industrial wire mesh products and proudly supplies its products and service to the global market place.

Kansai specializes in the manufacture of:

  1. Woven Wire Cloth
  2. Wire Conveyor Belt and System
  3. Metal Filter Element of Woven Wire Cloth
  4. Slintered Wire Mesh and Slintered Metal Fiber
  5. Knitted Wire Mesh
  6. Wire Mesh for Vibrating Screen
  7. Test Sleve
  8. Wire mesh Demister
  9. Perforated Metal Screen
  10. All other kinds of wire cloth

Wire Conveyor Belt

Our wire conveyor belts offer outstanding performance in the heat, corrosion, and abrasion resistance environments and are widely used in a variety of comprehensive industrial processing areas involving applications such as heat treatment, sintering, drying, cooling, freezing, cleansing, dehydration, and transportation. Kansai Wire Netting has pioneered new techniques to develop these very special belts and with years of extensive expertise and numerous successful achievements continues to lead in this field.

Wire Mesh Screen

With our flexibility and precision technology we can meet our customers’ evolving requirements. Sieving has now become an indispensable unit operation in the manufacturing process of many products. To ensure an accurate and efficient sieving process for your production line, you need to choose the most suitable screen to be used for that function, but more importantly, you need to choose the best machinery for that purpose.

Wire Mesh Filter

The demands arising from the rapid development of emerging industries have necessitated filters with requirements for outstanding performance characteristics over conventional ones in every respect. Our high-precision filter elements and filter systems match today's industrial requirements for high filtration efficiency, low pressure drop, and long service life.


Fluororesin coating has advantages of non-adhesive surface, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and low friction coefficient. Aramid and glass fiber have high mechanical strength. PLAFLON with these excellent characteristics, is being used in a wide variety of industries such as food, printing, textile, etc.


Kansai offers a diverse variety of products and as our valued partner, we are committed to delivering new products to meet the evolving needs of customers.