Conveyor Systems And High-Quality Machine Parts

Drive Solutions: A clean matter

High performance belts by OPTIBELT hold up to extreme conditions. Large machinery for construction, stone crushers, cement mixers, coal-fired power plants: Everywhere where dust, heat, cold, aggressive chemicals or enormous rotation speeds put the material to a difficult test, OPTIBELT displays its strengths.

Power Transmission

As versatile as OPTIBELT products are, the branches in which they are used are just as versatile. Ranging from the robust kraftbands for agricultural machinery to high-performance V-belts in road construction all the way to precision timing belts for foodstuff industry, OPTIBELT products are present in many branches.


Food & Beverage

OPTIBELT offers a full range of drive and conveyance solutions for today's state-of-the-art food and beverage manufacturing facilities. OPTIBELT can offer solutions for applications such as product transportation & conveyance, powered conveyors, bottling, packaging and more.