High-tech Filtration, Separation and Purification

Liquid Bioburden Filtration

Prefilter and Bioburden Filter Cartridge

This filter cartridge are specifically engineered for fine filtration, prefiltration and bioburden reduction of a wide range of pharmaceutical and biological liquids. It provide reliable, economical and efficient particulate and bioburden removal.

Microbial Removal rating:

  • 0.65 micron particulated
  • 0.45 micron microbial rated with serratia marcescens Tr> 10 ^4 – 10^6
  • 0.2 micron microbial rated with Brevudimonas dimimuta Tr>10 ^4

Cassettes Filter

TFF cassettes are available in the same membranes and screen and suspended screen formats as the Centramate/Centrasette cassettes. They offer the opportunity to simulate the performance of the larger Maxisette cassette on a smaller scale. Maximate cassettes have distinct benefits that make them advantageous as a development tool for larger-volume TFF processes.

Membralox Ceramic Module

Pall Membralox ceramic membranes are asymmetric multi-channel membranes composed of a porous alumina support and a filtering layer alumina, zirconia, titania). The superior characteristics of Pall Membralox ceramic membranes provide economical solutions for high added value macro-molecule concentration, effluent recycling or reduction and difficult fluid clarification.

Micro Hollow Fiber

Pall’s Microza polymeric hollow fiber membranes are made from durable fibers available in a wide variety of ratings, polymers and sizes. Applications are as diverse as cell broth clarification, long-term sterility maintenance in critical mammalian cell culture perfusion, concentration and purification of bulk enzyme solutions, filtration of solutions of buffers and active ingredients to remove endotoxin and concentration and diafiltration of recombinant protein solutions.

Chromatography Columns

PRC 1 mL and 5 mL prepacked columns are available in chemistries for mixed mode and ion exchange chromatography. Rapid screening and condition optimization in the 1 mL PRC column enables rapid selection of the appropriate chemistry. Once the chemistry is selected on a 1 mL PRC column, the conditions of use can be optimized in a 5 mL PRC column in doubling the height. Two or more columns can be connected in series to increase the column height and more closely model real conditions in pilot scale or for scale down applications.